Contact the Victim Assistance Program if:

– You have questions about your role as a witness.
– You would like an explanation of court procedures or a courtroom tour before you testify.
– You would like someone to escort you to court.
– You have received crime related threats or harassment.
– You need a referral to social services agencies that provide emergency financial assistance or counseling referrals to crime victims.
– You need information regarding the status of your case.
– You have changed your home or work address or telephone number.
– Your personal property is being held by the police and you want to know when you can recover it.
– You need assistance in collecting restitution that the Court ordered the defendant to pay you because of the crime.
– You need help with compensation for certain losses such as medical expenses, funeral expenses or lost wages as a result of the crime.  

In addition to having the criminal defendant pay you restitution, you may be eligible for an award from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund.