We represent the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Pulaski in prosecuting defendants charged with a crime. Our ultimate goal is a search for the truth and the administration of justice. In most instances the evidence points towards the accused as the person who has committed the crime and in such circumstances, it is our duty and mission to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are, however, instances in which an individual is accused or even charged with a crime that he or she did not commit. Although we believe these instances are relatively rare, it is our absolute duty and goal to dismiss the charge(s) against the innocent and to exonerate the accused. For as Sir William Blackstone said in 1765, “It is far better that 10 guilty men go unpunished, than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.”


Although as Attorneys, our clients are Pulaski County and the Commonwealth of Virginia, we care very deeply about the victims of crime. We intend to vigorously protect their rights and seek justice for the wrongs committed against them. Our office has two team members whose full-time job is the assistance of victims.

In the end, we represent the county and Commonwealth in the execution of the criminal laws. We trust that our efforts will bring a fair and just result that is satisfactory to the victim, appropriate for the defendant and meted out in a reasonable and balanced manner.


K. Mike Fleenor, Jr., Esquire

Commonwealth’s Attorney for

Pulaski County, Virginia