Boysaw, John, Patrick 005326-05

Commonwealth v. John Patrick Boysaw

Pulaski County Circuit Court

Case Numbers CR07-72 and CR07-449

Case handled by K. Mike Fleenor, Jr.


Armed Robbery and wearing a mask, Serving 16 years


In the summer of 2007, the Day’s Inn hotel in Pulaski (formerly the Red Carpet Inn) was robbed at gunpoint. The Clerk of the hotel described the robber as a short black male wearing a red bandanna over his face. When Sheriff’s Office investigators arrived at the scene, they found the bandanna on the sidewalk outside the hotel lobby. Other than the bandanna, which was sent off to the forensic lab for analysis, the investigators had no leads or suspects. Although the lab was able to extract a sufficient amount of saliva from the bandanna to create a DNA profile, for almost two years the case went unsolved.

One afternoon during a meeting with sheriff’s investigators Billy Ritter and Brian Wade, a scientist from the lab called and asked if they knew someone by the name of John Patrick Boysaw. “Pat” as he was commonly known in Pulaski was well known to authorities. He was a registered sex offender and had other felony convictions on his record. He was also known in South Pulaski as “the robber.” This nickname was from his m.o. of luring substance abusers to an isolated location with the promise to sell them drugs, whereafter he would assault them and take their money. The news from the lab was that Boysaw’s DNA matched the DNA profile from the red bandanna.

Boysaw was indicted for robbery and wearing a mask to conceal his identity. Just prior to trial, Boysaw pled guilty to the two charges. After a lengthy sentencing hearing in which the Commonwealth presented Boysaw’s prior convictions and other evidence, the Court sentenced him to serve 16 years in the state penitentiary. He is currently serving that sentence at Green Rock Correctional Center in Chatham, Virginia.


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