Matthew Scott Dillon

Commonwealth v. Matthew Scott Dillon

Pulaski County Circuit Court

Case Numbers CR06-660, CR06-662, CR06-663,

CR06-664, CR06-666, CR06-667, CR06-818

Case handled by K. Mike Fleenor, Jr.


Multiple Armed Robberies, Serving 27 years.

Armed robberies are not very common in Pulaski County, but in the Fall of 2006 there were three of them within 100 days.   On each occasion the robber wore  a mask and baseball cap over his head, threatened the clerk with a gun and left with several hundred dollars in cash.  The robberies occurred at the Fast Shop in South Pulaski, the Lancer Truck Stop at Exit 98 off Interstate 81 and Bucko’s gas station in Fairlawn, Virginia.   A fourth armed robbery occurred over the New River in the City of Radford.  Matthew Scott Dillon was the perpetrator of all of them.

Although the guns he used appeared to be real, Dillon claimed that they were merely pellet or bb guns that appeared to be real and that he had stolen them on each occasion at a Wal-Mart prior to the robbery.  Dillon would wear two pairs of clothing and after the robbery, he would immediately remove the outer layer in order to change his outward appearance.  Authorities found clothing and a cash register drawer in Claytor Lake near Lowman’s Ferry Bridge.

Dillon was found guilty of 3 armed robberies, two counts of using a firearm in the commission of a robbery and two counts of grand larceny relating to two vehicles that he stole and later abandoned.  After a lengthy sentencing hearing in Circuit court, the Judge sentenced Dillon to 27 years in the state penitentiary.  He is currently serving that sentence at Keen Mountain Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison in Oakwood, Virginia.

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