Jerry Glenn Killen

Commonwealth v. Jerry Glenn Killen

Pulaski County Circuit Court

Case Numbers: CR03-15 and CR03-16

 Tried to a Jury by K. Mike Fleenor, Jr.

First Degree Murder, Use of a Firearm; Serving 38 years


In August, 2002 a call came to 911 from Jerry Glenn Killen who said that he was awakened by a gunshot.  He said that he went outside and saw his wife laying dead in the driveway and a car with several people driving away.   When authorities arrived at the home they discovered his wife was deceased and had died from a single gunshot wound to the chest from a Ruger .357 Magnum revolver.

An investigation by Pulaski police revealed that Killen and his wife had been having marital problems.  A search of the property ultimately produced the .357 Magnum revolver which had been hidden under the corner of the home.  After agreeing to give a statement, Killen ultimately said that he and his wife had argued outside and that she “pulled the gun” on him, they struggled over the gun and she was shot during the struggle.

Further investigation led authorities to the neighbor who testified at trial that he went outside his home and noticed the porch light was off at the Killen residence.  Later he heard a gunshot and immediately went outside and noticed that the light was on.

During closing arguments of the 5 day jury trial, Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Fleenor argued that Killen was “lying in wait” on the porch with the light off, waiting for his wife to return.  Upon her return home, he confronted her in the driveway, shooting her once.  Knowing that he had intentionally killed her, Killen lied about being asleep and seeing a car of people drive off.

A five day jury trial was held in Pulaski Circuit Court. The jury found Killen guilty of First Degree Murder and using a firearm in the commission of a murder.  They imposed a 38 year sentence which Killen is now serving at Wallen’s Ridge Maximum Security Prison.

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