Christopher Bishop

Commonwealth v. Christopher Lee Bishop

Pulaski County Circuit Court

Record Nos. 12.1186, 12.1187, 12.1188 and 12.1189

Cases handled by Justin L. Griffith


Rape, Malicious Wounding and Strangulation; Serving 18 Years

Christopher Bishop met his victim walking home from a party in downtown Pulaski. As they made small talk, he asked her where she lived. When she told him, he said that he had always been interested in living in the same apartment building but had always wondered what it looked like inside. The young lady he met made the mistake of inviting him into her apartment to see what it looked like. Once inside, he made sexual advances towards her. When she refused, his mood and tone changed to anger and violence. Bishop began to force himself upon her and she resisted as best as she could. Her resistance increased his anger and he struck her several times, knocking out a tooth and tearing her earring from her ear. Once she was overpowered
Bishop raped her.

When he finally left her apartment, she immediately contacted the police. She was taken to the emergency room and her injuries, including bite marks, were documented and treated. When Bishop was interviewed by investigators with the Pulaski Police Department, he claimed that the intercourse was consensual. He denied forcing her to have sex. The case was presented to a Pulaski County Grand Jury and indictments were returned. Although Bishop maintained his innocence for several months leading up to trial, he ultimately plead guilty to the rape. Bishop was sentenced to 18 years in the state penitentiary and is serving that sentence today. The victim, who wanted to remain anonymous and did not want to testify unless absolutely necessary, was very pleased with the outcome of the case.

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